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Windus Fernandez Brinkkord

Senior Vice President of Investments

Gary Sussman

Wealth Advisor/ Investments Advisor Representative

12526 High Bluff Dr
Suite 150
San Diego, CA 92130

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When the time comes for you to retire, there are a lot of questions you may be asking yourself about your assets, and how to fully utilize what is available to you. We can help you find the answers! We understand that the transition process from work to retirement can be challenging. Without a plan, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Our goal is to help our clients build a strategy around Social Security, Income Planning, and Estate Planning, while making sure they know exactly where their money is coming from. If you plan on retiring before the age of 60, we can also help you calculate how much money you can take out of your retirement fund.

Windus also is available to offer a second opinion. She has worked with many couples whose current advisor has not provided them with suitable options to achieve their goals in retirement, such as finding the right home to live out their twilight years. If you want to make sure you are being presented with every option available, Windus is here for you.

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